Reel Maintenance and Service


Maintenance: After use in Saltwater please rinse with freshwater. (do not soak in a container of water.) This can cause grease to wear off faster and wet drags.

-With a dry towel remove excess water from outside of reel. (not needed, but recommended.)

-Ball bearings can be oiled up

- Internal gears can be used with gear grease to create less wear.

-Recommend service reel (clean and grease) once a year. If you fish a lot harder and more often we recommend servicing the reels more often. 



All Loki Reels are Life Time warranty or can be replaced by Original purchaser at a lower cost for exchange depending on the reel. (Shipping for warranties/services are on purchaser) To and from. Please see Warranty we will send you label. 

-Loki Can send replacement parts (if you are able to repair yourself) recommended to have a professional service it.

please purchase return label and we will be able to ship the reel back to you.

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